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Through research and development Hevea Asia has gained vast knowledge on plants and trees
We then create a revolutionary product that can be used by all consumers around the world

H-H 288

A system ideal for all smallholders and large estates wanting to increase yield. View

Hevea Three

- Simple to gas with ONE WAY VALVE
- Low maintenance making this product attractive


Hevea Latex Coagulant

A system ideal for all smallholders and large estates wanting to increase yield.


Agro Range

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Hevea Asia is a multinational company that deals with all aspects of plantation
From seed to tree we can help you improve your yield and save you cost

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Our Product

This is our craft and we take pride in it. Compared to other competitors we are environmentally friendly & we produce better results ....shhh.... don't let them know.

Agro Series


Hevea Three + H-H 288


Hevea Latex Coagulant


Why People Choose Hevea Asia?

We know farmers need more yield but need to keep cost down

That's why we formulate our product with premium materials but yet keep the prices low

Because all of Hevea Asia's products are food grade safe, when accident happens there won't be any effects on the human body. It is safe to say no one in the market can compete with our standards.
We know that harmfull chemicals are added into fertilisers that are sold by our competitors, that's why we never add any known harmfull chemicals in our fertilisers, Furthermore our Agro range is derived from eighty percent plant based materials.
Because we know our customers want the best quality for their plants we never cut cost on production. We use skilled labour in Malaysia to create and invent products that are out in the market today.

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